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DURAPLEX 4 kg PailDURAPLEX 4 kg Pail• Supports bone growth in horses involved in all disciplines
• Provides the proteins, vitamins and minerals necessary for strong bone development
EquiShure 7.2 kg PailEquiShure 7.2 kg Pail• Effectively maintains the pH of the hindgut, reducing the risk of subclinical acidosis
• Allows for optimal digestion of nutrients in forages and concentrates
• Creates an environment in which dietary energy can be absorbed efficiently
• Increases appetite in picky eaters
• Is easy to feed, as it is mixed into a horse’s grain meal
Equisure 1.25 kgEquisure 1.25 kg
KERX EO~3.785 Litre BottleKERX EO~3.785 Litre Bottle• Contains an omega-3 concentration of 35%, more than most common fat supplements
• Supplies omega-3 fatty acids, compounds with positive effects on reproduction, bone development and numerous inflammatory conditions in horses
Pump for EO~3 BottlePump for EO~3 Bottle
Rite Trac 3 kg. pailRite Trac 3 kg. pail
Rite Trac 6 kg. pail

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